catherine hernandez

Titles about the restaurant industry, emergency rooms, a trailblazing radio station and queer history are up for the $10,000 prize more

Aug 24, 2017 10:30 AM Books

The library's Appel Salon and eh List event series also include a tribute to late music icon Leonard Cohen and the Toronto Book Awards more

Aug 15, 2017 4:21 PM Books

“It’s the butt of a lot of jokes,” says the Toronto author, “and a lot of that has to do with race. Scarborough’s got a rep for crime, but there’s nothing that happens here that doesn’t happen downtown.” more

May 25, 2017 11:52 AM Books

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Zach Ruiter

VIDEO: Children's author Catherine Hernandez tells of the recent "homophobic backlash" over her queer-friendly book M Is For Mustache at two Toronto schools more

Jul 2, 2015 5:41 PM News 1 Comments

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