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Questions over the hiring of Mayor John Tory's former principal secretary has focused attention on CreateTO's deep ties to the development industry Read more

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Berczy Park

Samuel Engelking

The city has built parks, childcare centres and other community amenities using funds from developer charges, but that could all change with Doug Ford's new housing bill Read more

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Esther Shiner Blvd. is a good place to start if you want to understand the planning by process of elimination at City Hall that amounts to serving left-overs to cyclists – it's no way to create a coherent bike network Read more


Saron Gebresellassi

Samuel Engelking

"I see my primary mission to convert non-voters to voters," says the Eritrean-Canadian human rights lawyer. “I’m not trying to woo the folks who would vote for John Tory.” Read more


In honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, the Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square has gotten two upgrades: a custom-vinyl wrap around its famous photo-op letters and the addition of a Medicine Wheel. Read more



Samuel Engelking

In anticipation of Nuit Blanche, we asked artists and curators how public art can better reflect the city’s overlapping social, political and historical realities Read more


Silver Dollar

Ben Spurr

City council is going the commemorative plaque route, while New York City is giving thousands of hours of free rehearsal space and more to its musicians Read more


Janelle Monae

Zach Slootsky

Their latest meeting found the group in existential crisis – but they approved every motion anyway Read more




Ahead of the council's next meeting, we look at what it is and how it could help Read more


Highest Order

Amanda Fotes

CMW’s Music Cities Summit highlighted the closeness between industry and policymakers, and the limitations of what a Music City can offer Read more




Earlier start and end times could equate to larger, diverse audiences that include more 9-to-5ers, suburbanites, parents, university students and older folks Read more

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When it comes to deciding what we get as public art, the 1 per cent usually wins the battle of mediocrity Read more

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Extending drinking hours could transform the city’s music culture and economy Read more



Ethan Eisenberg

A commercial parking levy could raise $171 to $535 million a year with a daily tax of 50 cents to $1.50 for a parking spot. Read more

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Declan Keogh

The builder of a small skatepark in the west end hopes City Hall will include the community in the construction of new skateparks Read more



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A look back at one man's love for his city expressed via costuming Read more

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Toronto's top civil servant can be blunt when it comes to the city's finances – we can be even blunter Read more

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Ellis Wiley

Reflections on a city that destroys its own history Read more