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But it’s still a straightforward character study of the real-life security guard demonized by the FBI and the media Read more



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When white saviour characters feel outmoded, Hollywood flocks to "white devil" narratives, like The Mule and The Old Man & The Gun, to re-centre whiteness Read more

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Based on the story of a WWII vet busted for being a drug mule for the Sinaloa cartel, The Mule is better than Gran Torino, but that’s not saying much Read more



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Clint Eastwood's biopic celebrates real American heroes... but letting those heroes play themselves was a terrible idea Read more


From Michael Haneke possibly making film history to a Canadian co-pro shot in Niagara Falls, there’s a lot on the slate for the festival’s 70th year Read more

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Tom Hanks exudes grace under pressure as the man behind the "Miracle on the Hudson" Read more

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And why American Sniper just might win Best Picture on Sunday Read more

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