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In response to Doug Ford’s replacement of the 2015 sex-ed curriculum with on from 1998, protestors read the curriculum aloud on the front lawns of Queen's Park more


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The fallout from the “Unite The Right” chaos in Charlottesville has turned into something quite unexpected: a wake-up call for Conservatives, but only a purge of the Harper-era old guard will save the party from itself more


Stephen Harper 2.0? The Conservative Party of Canada's new leader is far more theologically driven than his predecessor – not to mention, now heavily indebted to the party's growing social conservative base more


Manning Centre Conference's grab bag of extremes exposed just how raw, rough and reactionary Canada's right has become more


It's easy to blame the "cuck" tweet for Kouvalis's exit, but in the wake of the Quebec City mosque shooting, Leitch's campaign has been exposed as little more than a cynical, corrosive play for votes among the worst elements of the Conservative party more


A small part of me hopes she does win the Conservative Party leadership since that would finish the job of relegating the CPC to its rightful place as a former Reform rump more

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It’s not hyperbole to say the Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate is the most irresponsible mainstream politician in recent Canadian history more


"They felt Mike Harris did great things for Ontario." Uh… more

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Zach Ruiter

Stephen Harper and the Ford Brothers have apparently reached a point where they need each other. more


Toronto ridings that used to be Liberal are among the key battlegrounds outside the downtown core more


Rejigged boundaries and vulnerable incumbents give Toronto its share of pivotal races. Here are five to start. more



Ethan Eisenberg

In the first debate of the federal election, party leaders couldn't agree who among them had ruined / is ruining / would ruin Canada the worst. more