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In his new Showtime/CraveTV series, the provocateur captures the cynicism of modern media culture, but John Oliver and Samantha Bee do it regularly with more grace and a lot more responsibility more

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Gavin Bond

Looking for something to see this weekend? NOW’s got you covered with our comprehensive rundown of big-screen openings and streaming debuts more

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The CRTC has recommended extending Canadian content regulations to the internet. Here's why that's not a sure bet for viewers more

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T.J. Kirkpatrick/Showtime

Director Liz Garbus and the team behind the four-part doc series about The New York Times talk transparency in the age of Trump more

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The Handmaid's Tale

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The dystopian series based on Margaret Atwood's book is back for season two and the outlook for Elisabeth Moss's protagonist is bleak more


The co-creator/producer/star of The Detour discusses the show's political subtext, its gross-out gags and the new direction the series takes in season three more

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Emmy Award-winning Master Of None actor/writer discusses Chicago's South Side, "Digital Blackface" and appreciating Greta Gerwig's very white Lady Bird more

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Our picks for the top series of the year, as well as the best in auteur-driven, Canadian and cult offerings more

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