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Samuel Engelking

Mayor John Tory has failed to acknowledge that the solution to our road safety crisis is a radically different approach to city-building, and not yet another education campaign that puts the onus on vulnerable road users Read more

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Samuel Engelking

While we’re waiting to get to a place where there’s room for all of us on the road, we have to find ways of not killing each other. Here’s a crash course on the art of riding as political resistance. Read more



Martin Reis

When the mayor talks about "a balance of all interests" between motorists, pedestrians and cyclists he ignores the reality of a system that is already monstrously out of whack Read more



Andrew Reeves

An affluent city in which the act of riding a bike means our parents, partners, children and friends can die violent deaths is a travesty Read more

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David Hawe

The facts speak for themselves – more cyclists and pedestrians are dying on Toronto's streets than were when Toronto's Vision Zero road safety plan was adopted three years ago Read more


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Martin Reis

Participants at event to remember cyclist killed amid a recent upswing in bike-related fatalities say drivers are becoming increasingly aggressive on Toronto's streets Read more


All infrastructure requires trade-offs – bike lanes on Bloor represent a successful middle ground for local decision-making Read more

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Tom Purves

Let's make 2016 the year we all get better at sharing the road Read more

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Eric Parker

The #NearDeathTO campaign organizer wants your help identifying accident-prone areas of the city Read more

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Cycle Toronto

Approximately 200 cyclists are stopped for not using lights during the launch of Cycle Toronto’s Get Lit! campaign Tuesday night Read more

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Wayne Scott

If we can make cars safer for drivers, why aren’t we making roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and persons on mobility devices? Read more

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It's tempting to think of the recent rash of cycling deaths as a blip on the statistical continuum - but Toronto could use an attitude adjustment when it comes to sharing the road Read more

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David Hawe

Speed kills, Toronto's medical officer of health has been warning us - and it's not just cyclists who are being put at risk Read more

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Names of those who have died on Toronto's streets are read out at annual demonstration during what has been a particularly deadly Bike Month Read more



Hamish Wilson

Police say architect struck and killed by SUV while cycling "ran stop sign" Read more

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What happened to the Toronto architect? So far, details of the crash that killed him on his bicycle are sketchy Read more

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