Cyrus Lane

Salt-Water Moon, Assassins and Terminus head up our list of the best plays and musicals from the last 10 years Read more


John Ross Bowie's play about the legendary encounter between the punk rock quartet and the eccentric producer is clumsy and undramatic Read more



Cylla von Tiedemann

Maev Beaty and a stellar cast shine in Hannah Moscovitch's funny, profound and timely play Read more


Ross Petty Productions-A CHRISTMAS CAROL - Cyrus Lane, Dan Chameroy - photo by Racheal McCaig.jpg

Racheal McCaig

Cyrus Lane and Dan Chameroy work in hilarious harmony in Ross Petty show Read more

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Neil Silcox

The rotating cast brings fire to the many stories, though some tales are predictable Read more


Bunny 1 - Maev Beaty and David Patrick Flemming - Stratford, 2016 - photo by David Hou.jpg

David Hou

Hannah Moscovitch’s look at the desires and uncertainties of a modern woman is rich with nuance Read more


Though Hannah Moscovitch’s play examines a modern woman, it includes a touch of the Victorian novel Read more


Three linked tales span 400 years and look at the passions that that hold us together and drive us apart Read more