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Marriage Story Dern Johansson

Wilson Webb

Marriage Story and The Irishman lead a decent list of nominees that sadly doesn't include Greta Gerwig or Lulu Wang in the writing or directing categories Read more

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Knives Out

Claire Folger

Director Rian Johnson's star-studded murder mystery nimbly updates an Agatha Christie-style story with Trumpian political subtext Read more


Rian Johnson's star-studded whodunnit celebrates the subgenre and also slyly deconstructs it Read more

TIFF 2019

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Lacey Terrell / Sony Pictures

Star-studded biopics and new films by Steven Soderbergh, the Safdie Brothers, Kasi Lemmons, Atom Egoyan, Marjane Satrapi and Pedro Almodovar are coming to Toronto Read more

Latest News & Features

Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s disappointing follow-up to her Oscar-nominated Mustang is based on real events, but nothing rings true Read more


Steven Soderbergh’s return to feature directing offers up sharp, smart storytelling and some note-perfect performances Read more


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Daniel Craig was more exciting playing cards in Casino Royale. Read more


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