Debbie Fein-Goldbach

Cats, National Tour, 2019

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Andrew Lloyd Webber's plotless 80s classic still has the power to mesmerize and enchant Read more


Energetic but predictable retro sketch show delivers a welcome respite from the real-world news cycle Read more


From intense actors and kick-ass dancers to a brilliant designer, here, in alphabetical order, are some of Toronto's major scene-stealers this season Read more

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Betrayal, Soulpepper, 2019

Photo by Dahlia Katz

Andrea Donaldson's production of the Harold Pinter classic about an affair still resonates Read more


Syreeta Hector in Black Ballerina

Photo by Jason Tse

Syreeta Hector's autobiographical solo show about race, culture and classical dance is thought-provoking and striking Read more


Cliff Cardinal

Photo by Nadya Kwansibenz

Cardinal's funny and profound show with music about growing up Canadian and Indigenous is first-rate entertainment Read more


Safe And Sorry at SummerWorks 2019

Photo by Peter Demas

Play about pickup culture is disturbing, funny and utterly intriguing Read more


Walkabout neighbourhood tour by a fictional Parking Enforcement Officer has legs Read more


Jenn Goodwin's still-in-development outdoor dance piece is an intriguing look at perspective and motion Read more


Wah Wah Wah at SummerWorks, 2019

Photo by Tanja-Tiziana

Celia Green's powerful solo show is a fresh, inventive take on questions around harassment in the post #MeToo era Read more

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The AMY Project's latest work drawn from personal experience tackles climate change, capitalism, racism and homophobia Read more


Claudio Tamburri's solo show about living with Autism Spectrum Disorder offers fascinating insights and a poignant conclusion Read more


Michael Ross Albert's tightly written, sardonic play about office politics gets an outstanding production Read more


Entertaining dance show blending Argentine Tango and classical ballet raises the temperature Read more


Helen Knight delivers a nuanced performance in a solo show about three women connected by food and family Read more


Dance piece set in a 1920s Chicago gangster bar features strong dance and music, but there could be more chemistry between its characters Read more


YouTuber Monica Ogden's solo show often feels like a rant or a lecture, but it’s engaging and frequently funny Read more


Sarah Joy Bennett's play about an exhausted mom and her newborn infant is deeply honest and compelling storytelling Read more


Cheeky response to Ford government’s sex-ed curriculum changes and narrow views of normalcy pushes lots of comic buttons Read more


Kids Fringe show deals with serious themes and gets big laughs for children and adults Read more