It is a widely-held belief in Algonquin communities that the mortar used to bind the bricks of the Parliament buildings contains sand taken from one of four confirmed Indigenous burial sites in the National Capital Region Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Indigenous artisans push purchasing policies for shopkeepers and museums to protect authentic Indigenous crafts Read more


All artists must contextualize their work for their audience because often the reasons why we create the things we create can have a larger impact than the product itself Read more

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Trudeau’s election platform should have been a warning sign of things to come – he pledged to respect our right to say no to development, while at the same time supporting the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion Read more



Christian Peña

Chevron is fighting an Ecuadorian court order to pay billions in damages with an army of 20 lawyers that took up most of the front rows in the Osgoode Hall courtroom where two days of hearings began on Tuesday April 17 Read more



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“This is going to be bigger than tobacco,” says Jamie Kunkel, who owns Smoke Signals, a medical cannabis dispensary on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory east of Belleville Read more