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Samuel Engelking

Failed NDP hopeful Saron Gebresellassi alleges in a human rights complaint that her supporters were improperly excluded from voting at the party's nomination in June Read more

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Users and local businesses say they've been left in the lurch while Bunz's popular Facebook groups are abandoning the brand en masse Read more



Jordan Probst

Based on Storm Crows in Vancouver, Toronto's Storm Crow Manor features multiple rooms that reference everything from Star Wars, Blade Runner, Twin Peaks and Harry Potter. Read more



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Pop-Up Magazine, a show that recreates the experience of reading a general-interest magazine for an audience, is coming to Toronto for the first time Read more


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Afrofest 2016

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Sponsored feature: presented by Afrofest (July 7-8) Read more

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At the tail end of the thousands-strong event, organizers created a quieter atmosphere to commemorate the loss of queer and trans lives Read more

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Performers are using drag to show how masculinity can be gentle, compassionate and radical Read more


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Inside Out

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Sponsored feature: presented by Humber x NOW Digital Residency Read more



Abdi Osman

Friends and family of of late activist Sumaya Dalmar have launched a Ryerson University scholarship in her name to make education accessible to trans students of colour Read more


The Kelowna-born dubstep DJ has also been dropped by his management and booking agencies Read more



Toronto Police Service

The case of alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur highlights the thin line between crowdsourcing and retraumatization Read more


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Hayley Hassessian

The monthly showcase for comedians of colour, women and LGBTQ comics has played to sell-out crowds for five consecutive months Read more

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These up-and-coming local creatives draw upon pop culture, street and surrealist themes and regularly share their work online Read more

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