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Top cop turned star Liberal candidate openly talks carding, saying he realized years ago the practice cost the force "a very high price." So why didn't he do anything about it? Read more

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The maximum-security purgatory for immigration detainees seems part of a "tangled and distorted" system Read more

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Olivia Chow seemed unwilling to continue the conversation she had instigated on race, but at least it was a start Read more

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At Ford Fest, low expectations among black supporters make Ford a hero for offering a hamburger and a little attention Read more


There's little separating the xenophobic messaging of fringe groups and the feds when it comes to temporary foreign workers Read more



R. Jeanette Martin

Report focusing on Somali-Canadian students gets called out as bias by same parents who agree with its recommendations Read more


External reviews by consultants take months or years to complete as budget cycles come and go without significant spending changes Read more


Desmond Cole

Samuel Engelking

The activist/journalist's debut book The Skin We're In chronicles 12 months in the struggle for Black liberation Read more


Desmond Cole New Constellations

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Including Desmond Cole's debut book, a Silicon Valley memoir and new novels by Louise Erdrich, Ottessa Moshfegh and Yaa Gyasi Read more


Desmond Cole, Jill Andrew, Julie Crooks, Jah Grey and Twysted Miyake-Mugler are working toward a city free from anti-Black racism Read more

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Lido Pimienta at New Constellations

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A stacked lineup of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous musicians featured Feist, Lido Pimienta, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Jeremy Dutcher and others Read more

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Sponsored feature: presented by Penguin Random House Canada Read more

Black community allies have adopted the language of class to define the struggles experienced by young Black people, as if race and class are not so intertwined as to be one thing Read more

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In pushing out Cole, the paper has dishonoured the work of its pioneering reporters who had documented the harms of police carding – and lost its strongest voice on race issues, writes Landsberg Read more

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Alexandra Caufin

Toronto’s indie school for creative writing is rallying some of the city’s literary best with a refreshing new model Read more


New documentary explores the realities of anti-black racism in Canada Read more

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Celebrate the fest's 10th anniversary all week, with performances from Anderson .Paak, Kaytranada, Boi-1da and more Read more



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The province says it wants to ban carding, but activists worry new regulations would barely change a thing Read more


In the 60s, black activists knew that a protest rally was not a party, but that it should lead to a party - a political one Read more


Watch the Inspirit Foundation's ChangeUp 2015 national conference's discussion about the police's controversial practice Read more


How did the province’s public consultations on the police practice of street checks go so horribly wrong? Read more


When the province held a public consultation on carding, it kind of blew up in their faces. And that's a good thing. Read more



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Famous cognitive linguist and political theorist tells $1,000-a-head confab that all politics is moral – and that demonizing Harper is not the way to beat him Read more