J.J. Abrams's film isn't as daring or artful as The Last Jedi, but it knits the patchwork mythology of the decades-spanning space opera into a coherent whole Read more


Men In Black: International

Giles Keyte/Sony Pictures Entertainment

From two unnecessary live-action Disney remakes to cynical reboots and sequels, here are the year's most egregious cinematic duds Read more

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Frozen 2 Northuldra

Walt Disney Studios

After a debate about cultural appropriation surrounded Frozen, Disney agreed in writing to respectfully portray Sámi culture in the sequel Read more

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The animation looks great, but Disney’s unnecessary continuation of the story is merely a blatant brand extension Read more

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Tropic Thunder

Merie Weismiller Wallace/DreamWorks Pictures

From Holiday Inn to Tropic Thunder, Toronto-based scholar Cheryl Thompson unpacks why the racist practice has endured onscreen for decades Read more

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Hot Docs Cinema

R. Jeanette Martin

20th Century Fox's new owner will stop licensing the studio's classics like Alien, Die Hard and Phantom Of The Paradise to indie theatres Read more

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Billy Eichner The Lion King

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The comedian discusses taking on the role of Timon, branching out from Billy On The Street and tweeting in the time of Trump Read more

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The latest in Disney’s series of unnecessary remakes of classic animated films is an abomination Read more


After nearly a quarter century, Pixar's flagship franchise cleverly ponders whether its movies are for children or for the adults who've grown up watching them Read more


Unnecessary film is too long, too busy and features a weird, problematic Will Smith performance Read more


The Simpsons


The Simpsons writer Tim Long talks parodying Justin Trudeau, the fate of Apu and whether Ontario is really a good place to avoid Trumpian times Read more

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Courtesy of Disney

The director's live-action remake of the animated classic about a flying elephant tries – and fails – to satirize corporate entertainment Read more


The Wolverine Hugh Jackman

20th Century Fox

Disney's mega-merger with 20th Century Fox is complete, which means Wolverine, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four can join the Marvel Cinematic Universe Read more

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Disney Enterprises, Inc

The reboots aren't going anywhere, Disney will take on Netflix, and a crop of films from first-time Canadian feature directors is coming soon Read more

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In our Chill Winter Guide, find 50 of the best cultural, arts, music, food and outdoor events happening in Toronto from November 2018 to March 2019. Read more

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Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

In our latest Superhero Nonsense column, we weigh in on the backlash to the casting of Ruby Rose as Batwoman and detail all the special features in the Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray and DVD package Read more

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James Gunn.JPG

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

In the latest edition of our Superhero Nonsense column, Norm Wilner argues the Guardians Of The Galaxy director was sacrificed to appease trolls and bullies Read more

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Ron Howard’s Han Solo prequel is the first of the new Star Wars movies that never jumps to lightspeed Read more



Cylla von Tiedemann

Young People's Theatre's 85-minute version of the musical captures the spirit of the popular tale Read more




Toronto film critics stood alongside their American counterparts in protesting the movie studio's decision to blacklist the newspaper Read more

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    Courtesy International Sámi Film Institute