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Samuel Engelking

A friendly guide on pot shops to hit – and miss – in the Big Smoke this summer Read more

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BC-based Grizzlers take the guesswork out of rolling your own joints. Each pack of Indica or Sativa pre-rolls contain five blunts of BC bud. Read more



Michelle da Silva

Toronto's Weed VR launches technology that will allow consumers to virtually touch and smell weed products online – getting a real high from the experience is still unfortunately out of reach. Read more



Enzo DiMatteo

The main concerns are safety and staff training after a string of robberies hit Toronto dispensaries, say union representatives Read more



R. Jeanette Martin

Five Toronto Cannabis Culture locations raided and five people face charges Read more

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Act of vandalism at longtime marijuana activist's Gay Village dispensary sparks questions about prejudice in the cannabis community Read more


Before Thursday's police raids, the city was working on regs to license pot dispensaries, so what gives? The answer: follow the money. Read more



Michelle da Silva

Police Chief Saunders and city reps showcased a multitude of cannabis products at today's Project Claudia press conference, but they weren't able to demonstrate any harm that they've caused Read more

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The manager of a Toronto medical marijuana shop recounts how 15 police officers “barged in” to confiscate cannabis Read more

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Michelle da Silva

It was high times for over 12,000 people at the annual all-day smokeout. In between dabs, we talked to a few of them Read more


Laws governing medical marijuana and the new dispensaries popping up all over town seem to be as sticky as premium ganja itself Read more

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