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American critic Wesley Morris suggested a thirst for long-overdue representation is leading critics to conflate identity with quality. And the industry is fine with that Read more

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Ryan Emberley

Old-fashioned elitism means Toronto Fashion week excludes plus-size clothing and fat bodies. Read more


When 82 percent of film critics are white and 78 percent are male, no wonder people are complaining about who's reviewing their films, writes Radheyan Simonpillai. Read more

Toronto International Film Festival 2018

On their upcoming Diversity Tour, Canadian musical acts Bonjay and Too Attached satirize the "inclusive" banner that often obscures pursuits against racism, homophobia and oppression. Read more


Sponsored feature: presented by Myseum: Intersections Read more

Weeding out the dudes in suits: meet the new crop of players shaking up diversity in Canada’s cannabis industry Read more

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Mike Monteiro came to Toronto, determined to rile up enough designers to lead us out of this mess Read more

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How many people do you know work in Toronto’s tech industry and identify as queer? Read more


Buzzfeed, People, and so many more show love for our 2016 annual Body Issue Read more

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Toronto indie rock radio has a diversity problem Read more

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The origin of "Diversity Our Strength" Read more

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