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NFB documentary The Whale And The Raven ponders the environmental impacts of Shell's liquified natural gas plant near Kitimat, BC Read more


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Wellington Water Watchers

As the Ford government considers lifting a ban on water takings in Ontario, the bottled water giant's operations abroad are drying up local aquifers and forcing communities to pipe in water from neighbouring towns Read more


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Peter Biesterfeld

When Ontario’s basic income pilot project ends on March 31, more than 4,000 participants will be plunged back into a dysfunctional welfare system that penalizes them for simply being poor Read more


The Ford government have set in motion changes that will significantly add to the financial stress for women, including those looking to leave abusive relationships Read more


Premier's closed-door meeting with China-owned company raises the spectre of future water sell-offs for industrial use Read more



Malone Mullin

“The early results showed many participants were re-engaging in the community after years of deep poverty. Their futures are now uncertain.” Read more


But Truth and Reconciliation Commission report into residential schools goes further urging a change in the wording of the oath of citizenship to include a pledge to "faithfully observe" treaties with Indigenous Peoples Read more


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Guelph residents group calls for complete phase out of permits to bottle water in Ontario as moratorium on Nestlé marks one-year anniversary Read more

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How can I in good conscience participate in a celebration in the face of the continued denial of their treaty claims and basic human rights? Read more

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Harris-era reg permits province to claw back child support payments to parents on Ontario Works or disability Read more

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