Double Double Land

Double Double Land has closed after nine years in Kensington Market. The DIY venue threw one last show with Mary Ocher, Lief Hall, Bile Sister and the Canadian Romantic. more



Samuel Engelking

It's time to stand up for safety in Toronto's music scene. If a reckoning is coming for sexual misconduct, it will take the entire community, from showgoers to venue owners, to make it happen. more


Toronto punk band S.H.I.T. are streaming both their new album What Do You Stand For? and their new compilation Complete S.H.I.T. at NOW. They're also announcing a show at Double Double Land. Read our interview with guitarist Greg Benedetto. more


And the thunderstorm at the end offered sweet reprieve from the hottest day of the year more

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Kristel Jax

Double Double Land made good on its promise to improve security after a sexual assault there last fall more


25-year-old British play plunges us into an ambiguous world of sex, murder and hell more


When I told my relatives who fled Vietnam in the late 60s about the band's name, they explained that it's like using the N-word more


Toronto’s new super group lives up to the hype more

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1970s San Fran street performer makes a comeback more