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There's another reason for Doug Ford’s enthusiasm to squash council’s influence – namely, his plot for the province to take control of public transit in Toronto more

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The reason Ford has so dramatically interfered with the city's municipal election is crass politics – he wants to get rid of people he doesn’t like more



Jonathan Goldsbie

The outsized influence of money in determining who may win elections will go up and we begin to look like a city defined by who can raise the most money and less like a city that is of the people more


These days there are plenty of Trump-inspired #MakeOntarioGreatAgain Joe Blows on social media contributing to a radical anti-Muslim shift in the political discourse in Canada more



Cheol Joon Baek

Black community activists, scholars and artists say initiatives to curb gun violence will only further barricade and quarantine Black communities already under economic pressure from government policies more


It’s extremely unlikely that Ford has spent any time studying the sex ed curriculum or its alternatives, but if liberals and academics support it, there has to be a problem more


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Doug Ford may have scrapped the progressive sex-ed curriculum, but activists are creating resources for teachers and parents more



Jordana Goldman

In response to Doug Ford’s replacement of the 2015 sex-ed curriculum with on from 1998, protestors read the curriculum aloud on the front lawns of Queen's Park more


Time for everyone to lose their illusions. Facts don’t matter anymore, folks. It’s the Ford shit show now. more



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Forget Stratford – the Biebs and his bride-to-be should get hitched at Ripley's Aquarium, the village or Hanlan's Point more




Doug Ford, the newly elected Ontario premier, has announced a halt on a portion of the Ticket Sales Act, which was set to take effect July 1 more


Kathleen Wynne's big mistake; plus, AGO gets it wrong on Emily Carr. more

Letters To The Editor

Naomi Klein says the election of the PCs is a blow to social justice movements and people will get hurt in Doug Ford’s Ontario no matter how fierce the resistance more



Graham Powell

The success of the LGBTQ poster campaign Hall of Justice, running in Toronto schools and exhibiting during Pride, suggests support for progressive sex-ed more


That's the thing about conservatives like Ford – they talk a good came about respecting taxpayers and holding the bottom line, but they have no problem spending your money when it comes to scoring political points more


For those of us living in the bubble known as downtown Toronto, last Thursday’s majority win for Ford’s PCs was a shock to values we thought we shared with other Ontarians – welcome to the new normal in politics. more


Riling up public sector workers and the Toronto professional class will buy good will with his base, but Ford can only hold onto them if a few bucks in tax savings doesn’t result in more user fees, higher tuition and clogged emergency rooms more


It’s been an impressive road back from political purgatory for NDP leader Andrea Horwath after 2014’s electoral rebuke, but Ontario Election 2018 is still touch and go. The reality on the ground in local races in Toronto and the 905, where 50 of the more


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Peter Biesterfeld

“Hippies go home! We’re going to win. A majority!” more


Some food for thought for anyone who thinks walking to a polling station to vote June 7 is too much trouble more

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