Earth Day

From street fairs and street protests to art shows and concerts, these are the best events happening outdoors in April and May Read more

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The best 2018 earth day events in Toronto will guide you on what to do, where to go and who to learn from on April 22. From a panel discussion on the circular economy to a lecture by Jane Goodall, these events will raise your environmental awareness. Read more


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The Water Brothers

Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons and Starbucks have deliberately pawned off the end of life management of their products on to their customers and to municipalities Read more

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Want to combat climate change and save the planet? Here's where to start Read more

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Mike Ford

Ecoholic columnist Adria Vasil explains why fashion's latest eco boom is more than just another greenwashing bust. Read more




Is that green bin, blue bin or garbage? Test yourself in celebration of Earth Day 2016 Read more

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All the beekeeping books in the world can't prepare you for working with real live bees Read more

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Could we turn 6,300 post offices into community hubs? Read more

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The FDA says the world's first genetically modified food animal is, but several American grocery chains have vowed not to stock the engineered fish Read more


Win a pair of tickets to Earth Day Canada's annual fundraising gala, The Earth Ball on April 22nd at Mill Street Brewery! Read more

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Win one of ten $100 gift cards to enjoy at one of the participating venues of Lights Out with Mill Street Brewery! Read more

Food & Drink

It’s shortages of our most precious resource that will define future climate-change battles Read more




From the oil patch to the Arctic to this past weekend’s ­protests in Quebec City, climate action is back on the ­national agenda. Read more

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It would be a shame to sacrifice it to mere ambition Read more


A by the numbers guide Read more



Jeanette Forsyth

It’s cities that have made the biggest strides on global warming. How Toronto gets its eco mojo back starts with you, dear citizen. Read more


Why we can’t just keep using the atmosphere as a free dumping ground Read more


Keep this list handy to prepare before the next one hits. Read more


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