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The days when vegan and vegetarian meant bland and boring are long gone, as you’ll discover at these hot spots Read more

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Possibly Toronto’s favourite restaurant meal, weekend brunch just keeps getting better Read more

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Keep up with the ever-changing food scene by checking out these places, all open for just one year or less Read more

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The hottest new and notable brunch spots, the classics, diners, high-end joints, vegan & veggie, plus bars with awesome grub Read more

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High-end dining's been experiencing a takedown by noisy eateries that refuse to take reservations. But nothing signals the threat to upscale more than the lineups at junk food joints. The latest, Junked Food Co., is thriving on the trend Read more


From fancy popcorn to hot dogs smothered in macaroni and cheese, we've got your cravings covered Read more


Foodies and chefs were originally thrilled by the food truck concept. But pricey permits, a baffling bureaucracy and a truck glut has made the travelling restos a financial risk, forcing many back to bricks-and-mortar venues. Read more

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Peoples Eatery

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Want some fries with that? Oh yeah. Here are some places where the kitchen's always open late, so you don't have to imbibe on an empty stomach. Read more

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What if you have to sandwich a lunch into a 20-minute window between meetings? We put some of Toronto's quickest kitchens to the test: we timed the prep, assessed longevity in the takeout box and chowed down. Read more

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