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I Love Dick writer talks the importance of labour-of-love publishing ahead of appearance at launch for IMPULSE magazine's interview compilation Read more


Prizes for cultural achievement today are based on glamour – Toronto’s first Acker Awards October 23 will honour 17 artists whose work attempts to create the new Read more


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Any public work produced with the condition of its disappearance should be free and allowed to be disruptive Read more


When it comes to deciding what we get as public art, the 1 per cent usually wins the battle of mediocrity Read more

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From Alan Crossley’s flying saucer to Noel Harding’s Elevated Wetlands, Toronto is home to some mind-bending public spaces, some made by humans, others carved by nature. Here are 50 of the best-kept secrets. Read more

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The graffiti in our alleyway was getting out of hand and would be back at our building in no time Read more

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When I was approached to design a sculpture outside a “historic” warehouse, I was informed that the public art budget would be severely limited Read more

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This artist says squiggly lines are vandalizing his home Read more