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Samuel Engelking

Several post-secondary schools are now offering climate-change-focused courses and programs Read more

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Allie Rougeot

Samuel Engelking

The U of T student and lead coordinator of #FridaysForFuture in Toronto explains why climate and social justice can't be separated Read more


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Michelle Adelman

Our dominant cultural narrative associates sustainability with cutting back and doing without even though the technology to live sustainably has long been at our disposal Read more

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Zach Ruiter

A company spokesperson says it has "no plans" to phase out operations in Toronto despite air quality concerns in the neighbourhood Read more

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The provincial moratorium on new permits to bottle water may expire on January 1 opening the tap for multinationals like Nestlé Read more

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Alex Tétreault Alex Tétreault - PMO/CPM

But Trudeau’s minority faces the dual challenge of trying to hold on to power and, at the same time, taking the necessary action to address climate change and the crises affecting Indigenous communities Read more


NFB documentary The Whale And The Raven ponders the environmental impacts of Shell's liquified natural gas plant near Kitimat, BC Read more


Let’s not succumb to the false notion that Canadians aren’t up to the task of public enterprise Read more


The network of green groups and a dozen city-wide partner organizations help people understand the environmental problems in their neighbourhood Read more


Thousands of young people turned out for Friday's march and while high-schoolers carried messages of hormone-filled humour elementary school kids brought dead serious warnings Read more

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The Global Climate Strike in Toronto Friday is expected to be the largest march of its kind we've seen in the city for some time Read more


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Michelle Valberg

"The global water crisis is about five years behind the climate crisis in people’s consciousness," says author Maude Barlow Read more

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The Pocket in Leslieville has a lofty goal: to make the neighbourhood the first net-zero emissions community in Toronto – and to show the rest of the country how to do it Read more



Courtesy Ontario Power Generation

Unbeknownst to most Canadians, the Darlington nuclear power plant 70 kilometres east of Toronto has been poised to play a not-so-small role in the U.S. race to weaponize space Read more

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Ellen Page and Ian Daniel's documentary about ecological disaster sites near Black and Indigenous communities in Nova Scotia is straightforward and effective Read more

TIFF 2019

Despite beautiful icebergs, tidal waves and waterfalls, Victor Kossakovsky’s film about H2O can test your patience Read more


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Enzo DiMatteo

The government denies it is moving away from conservation authority monitoring programs that would put water quality at risk Read more

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Bill 108 would make it easier for developers to prioritize economic considerations over the protection of at-risk animals and habitat they need to survive Read more


Awareness of the disastrous state of the planet's biodiversity is at an all-time high, but powerful forestry industry interests are sinking millions into "nuisance lawsuits" to silence environmental critics warning of a calamity in Canada Read more


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    Janie Wray

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    Janie Wray