Tim Walker in White Heat at SummerWorks, 2019

Photo by Graham Isador

Graham Isador's work-in-progress about a journalist and an alt-right leader has the potential to become a hot-button-pushing piece of political theatre Read more


Canada has become the latest country to sign on to the definition of anti-Semitism pushed by American Christian fundamentalists Read more

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Jacob Scheier

As a secular Jew, I never felt I had much to fear in terms of hate crimes until I saw the swastikas flying in Charlottesville Read more



Christian Peña

Home grown and globally connected, there is a lengthy history of organized European hate groups trying to gain a foothold in Canada – now social media has facilitated their allegiance to a racist subculture worldwide Read more


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After Christchurch, it’s long past time to examine how mainstream media and political institutions in Canada have enabled the ideological swamp that gives rise to violent anti-Muslim threats Read more

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Paul Salvatori

For Canada’s lunatic fringe, finding common ground between racists, Islamophobes and rabid anti-Semites is proving a tall order Read more



Paul Salvatori

Conspiratorial coverage by mainstream media of violent events like last month's mass shooting in Greektown is increasingly giving voice to the anti-Muslim views of fringe groups Read more


The Quebec-based Groupe de recherche sur l'extrême droite et ses allié-e-s is calling on the federal government to deny Geller entry into Canada for December 18 speaking engagement Read more

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    Jacob Scheier

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    Jacob Scheier

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    Jacob Scheier

  • KKK in the USA.JPG

    Jacob Scheier

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    Paul Salvatori