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Rob Garver’s doc about the revered New Yorker film critic feels superficial Read more


A Wrinkle In Time Captain Marvel

Walt Disney Company/Chuck Zlotnick

American critic Wesley Morris suggested a thirst for long-overdue representation is leading critics to conflate identity with quality. And the industry is fine with that Read more

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When you spend most of your time judging things while sitting in the dark, the habit can alter how you see everything Read more


For ten years, I slaved away as a film critic and entertainment writer, hoping my hard work for little (or no) pay would result in a full-time job. It didn't. So now I'm done. Read more

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Day One Press Conference - Keri Putnam

Sundance Institute / Duston Todd

American film blogger Jeffrey Wells claims the Toronto International Film Festival received a letter of complaint about his behaviour last year Read more

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Hater-John Semley.jpg

Arden Wray

Pop culture critic John Semley makes a persuasive case for disagreement in his new book, but we don't agree with everything he says Read more


WEB_Sarah Tai-Black.jpg

Samuel Engelking

Following a negative review of Venom, film critic and programmer Sarah-Tai Black became the subject of racist and misogynistic attacks reminiscent of the online campaigns directed at Leslie Jones and Kelly Marie Tran Read more

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