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When white saviour characters feel outmoded, Hollywood flocks to "white devil" narratives, like The Mule and The Old Man & The Gun, to re-centre whiteness more

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From Oscar hopefuls and costume dramas to family flicks, here’s the scoop on the season’s new movies, whether they're playing at a multiplex or streaming on your device more

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This week's Superhero Nonsense column tackles a particularly gross reboot, a PG-rated revamp and Hollywood's humblest superhuman more

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Parisa Tag

As contrasting monarchs, Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie shout, wear elaborate costumes and bore you to tears more


Biopic about the late country singer Blaze Foley offers lots of surprises and an authentic performance by first-time actor Ben Dickey more



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Andy Serkis-directed Legend Of The Jungle is a flawed but fascinating adaptation of the classic story more


Animated crossover film featuring half a dozen Marvel spinoff characters is a bright and shiny delight more


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Mark Schafer

Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges are convincing as a mother and son confronting addiction issues more


Brady Corbet's music industry satire starring Natalie Portman as a traumatized pop star is manic, comic and confrontational more



Christian Geisnaes/Zentropa

The Danish director mocks #MeToo in ultra-violent serial killer flick starring Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman more


Semi-autobiographical film set in 70s Mexico City suggests monumental emotions through seemingly mundane details more




The caricatured Native American characters in Netflix's The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is part of the satire, but is that portrayal responsible? Critic Adam Nayman and filmmakers Lisa Jackson and Shane Belcourt discuss more

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Saeed Adyani

NOW critics pick the best movies and TV shows joining the streaming service’s library this month more

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The world is not wanting for reboots, but these caped (or eared) crusaders are truly deserving of a comeback more

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In our Chill Winter Guide, find 50 of the best cultural, arts, music, food and outdoor events happening in Toronto from November 2018 to March 2019. more

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The annual Canadian horror fest has expanded. Here are seven standout films playing this year more

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An interactive map of Toronto-set film and TV locations looks a lot like a recent study that shows how the city is divided by race and income more

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The Criterion Channel will make the boutique distributor's library of contemporary and classic cinema gems available online in one place more

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Paramount Pictures

Instant Family pairs requisite studio-comedy wackiness with incisive observations on the adoption narrative more

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Arden Wray

Pop culture critic John Semley makes a persuasive case for disagreement in his new book, but we don't agree with everything he says more