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I am not Muslim, nor have I ever been. I have, however, been a sex worker and I, too, am not allowed into the United States. Read more

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On the Yelp for sex workers, comments have turned into cyber pissing matches that are some of the most absurd writing on the internet Read more

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Mike Watier

I’m thinking a lot about Vincent these days after a 73-year-old man in Cape Breton was charged with soliciting a prostitute who was not a prostitute but a police officer pretending to be a prostitute Read more

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Since December 2015, six sex workers who were members of Butterfly, have been arrested, detained or deported. Read more

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The new law was designed to target clients, but street-based sex workers are still at risk under HarperCons' anti-prostitution efforts Read more

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Erich Saide

As an advocate I've been trained not to betray emotions to the media, but I'm optimistic about Trudeau's new justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould Read more

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If there’s one thing that terrifies cisgender men looking for casual sex online, it’s a woman who knows the value of the labour involved in reconstructing their fantasies Read more

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As someone who gets paid to pretend to enjoy having sex on television, you can imagine how confusing Dunham's position on prostitution is to those of us who actually do sex work for a living Read more

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One of the things that distinguishes real sex workers' lives is the dangerous swarm of moral, political and legal authorities feeding off the conflation of our work and trafficking Read more

Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog

If recent police raids are a clue, sex workers should be leery of the Nordic model wrapped in feminist rhetoric that the feds are eying to replace past sex laws Read more


It's going to be much easier now for those with checkered pasts to enter politics Read more


On June 13, Canada's highest court will hear the appeal by federal prosecutors of a lower court ruling that struck down three anti-prostitution laws for violating the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. Read more


The prostitution laws don't help the ones who need it most Read more