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Zach Ruiter

The arrival of the American fast-food chain's second store at Yorkdale Shopping Mall is part of a plan to open 15 locations in Ontario over the next five years Read more


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The 519

The 519 joins animal rights group Liberation T.O.'s opening day protest against the U.S. chicken chain's first location in Canada Read more

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Darren Stehr

Maybe it’s time to rebrand Pride as “John Tory and His Cops Pride,” at least we’d know what we were going to Read more


Arshad Khan's deeply personal film – complete with lots of home movie footage, animation and Bollywood clips – is a fascinating look at navigating various cultures Read more


If this is what the post-gay-lib world looks like, then I preferred it when everyone else disliked us and there was always a party going on somewhere Read more

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Unlike that guy named Ford, mayor comes out in support of LGBTQ rights – and the province's new sex-ed curriculum Read more


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    Zach Ruiter

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    Zach Ruiter

  • Chick-fil-A protest Toronto 1.jpg

    Zach Ruiter