Sweet, gentle documentary looks at five young people in the Netherlands who don't fit the gender binary more


People are urging Yuk Yuk's Toronto to cancel a comedy show called White Guys Matter hosted by Aaron Berg that promises only white male comedians and jokes about race, religion and sexism more

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Samuel Engelking

The rise of Jordan Peterson, men's right activists and toxic masculinity has made the need to examine what it means to be a man all the more urgent. Canadian authors, activists and artists are finally taking a critical look at redefining masculinity. more


Genderqueer patients aren't often represented in discussions of anorexia and bulimia, but research shows that body image, gender and eating disorders are deeply connected more

Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog

"People need to know that breast cancer doesn’t only happen to women or older people." more

Love Your Body

What does it mean to “love your body” in 2018? Surely it’s more than just celebrating curves, stretch marks and body hair more

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The Internet frontwoman stands out as a nonchalantly progressive figure in a generation of gender-non-conforming and queer artists more


"Thanks to transgender student activism in post-secondary institutions, there's been progressively more movement to develop inclusive bathrooms," says York prof Sheila Cavanagh. more


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Tom Arban

Within two years of the college unveiling its state-of-the-art Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre, enrolment of women ballooned from 2 per cent to upwards of 10 per cent. more




What if we showed ourselves some kindness and appreciated who we are right now? Nine inspiring Torontonians bare all and describe their journeys to self-love more

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In some areas of the law, yes. Women often receive less compensation than men in serious personal injury lawsuits, and poor people generally receive less than wealthy or middle class people. Why? more


Exhibit of Japanese prints about wakashu, adolescent males attractive to both men and women, explores sexual culture more


Meet Mister Miguel, who went from FAT volunteer to model to performer in almost no time more


The loose-fitting style of denim is far about more than comfort – they're selling a cisnormative fantasy more


Blanc de Noir the latest locals to embrace the trend more


A close look suggests CAMH is not just passively responding to parents' concerns, but engages in therapies that cast gender-diverse children as a worry in the first place more


Final words of transgender teen are a wake-up call to stop “fixing” trans kids and start repairing their broken worlds more