Glenn Sumi

>>> Tetsuro Shigematsu's play about his strained relationship with his father hits home more

Jan 23, 2017 6:18 PM

Revival of Linda Griffiths’s solo show about poet Gwendolyn MacEwen offers lots of stage magic more

Jan 19, 2017 6:05 PM Theatre

The Academy Award noms come out this week, and there are sure to be stupid picks. Here are some of the most egregious past winners. more

Jan 18, 2017 1:32 PM , , , Interviews and features 7 Comments

Don't let the weather get you down. Here are 10 people who are sure to generate lots of heat this season. more

Jan 11, 2017 12:50 PM , Stage

Talented performers speak their lines with conviction, but what they're saying is lost in a dust bowl of confusion more

Jan 11, 2017 11:57 AM Theatre

Dance send-up of quirky film characters feels overly extended and empty more

Jan 11, 2017 11:13 AM Theatre

>>> Bold send-up of Asian stereotypes is frank, visually gripping and has a definite point of view more

Jan 11, 2017 10:26 AM Theatre

>>> Talented troupe scared up some big laughs in cemetery-set musical more

Jan 11, 2017 9:36 AM Theatre

>>> Fascinating 30-minute show explores the art of convincing storytelling more

Jan 6, 2017 4:43 PM Theatre

Make a date to see some solid improv more

Jan 5, 2017 4:07 PM Theatre



What if we showed ourselves some kindness and appreciated who we are right now? Nine inspiring Torontonians bare all and describe their journeys to self-love more

Jan 4, 2017 5:00 PM , , , , , , Love Your Body 13 Comments

From a doc about an American literary master to the last film made by Carrie Fisher, here are the movies on our radar this year more

Jan 4, 2017 2:03 PM , , , Interviews and features

Vegas-style revue doesn’t have much shape, but its illusions and tricks are first-rate more

Dec 23, 2016 4:47 PM Theatre

A lot of terrible things went down this year, so is it any wonder it was a good year for comedy? Here are some terrific shows that made us laugh even when we wanted to cry. more

Dec 21, 2016 6:59 PM Comedy

SALT-WATER MOON - 2 - featuring Kawa Ada and Mayko Nguyen photo by Joseph Michael Photography 7.jpg

Joseph Michael Photography

Salt-Water Moon, Hosanna and The Death Of A King top our list of the best Toronto shows more

Dec 21, 2016 6:04 PM , Theatre


Dale Robinette

La La Land, Moonlight and Arrival top my list. But why didn't critics and audiences take to The Nice Guys and Snowden? more

Dec 21, 2016 12:59 PM Interviews and features

From Absolutely Anything to Zoolander 2, here are the films that sucked big time more

Dec 20, 2016 12:26 PM , , , Interviews and features

Every year, many young local artists, some of them still in school or just out, catch our eye. Here, in alphabetical ­order, are four who might just be showing up on future top-10 lists. more

Dec 19, 2016 12:42 PM , Theatre

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