Grace Jones

Sophie Fiennes's vérité-style doc on the trailblazing musician and model has the stuff to become a cult classic Read more



Samuel Engelking

The music icon hams it up on the red carpet at her doc premiere and battle rapper-turned-screenwriter Kid Twist throws down on Festival Street Read more

Toronto International Film Festival 2018

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Andrea Klarin

The music, art and fashion trailblazer talks going vérité, why she’ll always be an underground star and who should play her in a biopic Read more

Toronto International Film Festival 2018

Toronto battle rappers and bizarre auteurs are two of the highlights in this year's lineup, which still looks to offer some bloody good fun Read more

Latest News & Features

A promoter's approach to bringing cult acts to town is raising questions about programming and methods Read more

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Toronto can be a tough market for "legacy" artists, but promoter Dante Brando believes there are enough music fans like him willing to shell out for cult legends like Nina Hagen and Grace Jones Read more

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