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Spring guide kids 2019

Samuel Engelking

Don't let locked public washrooms ruin your April/May family outings Read more


From street fairs and street protests to art shows and concerts, these are the best events happening outdoors in April and May Read more

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In the mood for a fright? Here are the eight best haunted houses and events in Toronto fit for the whole family Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Two large-scale projects proposed for the neighbourhood would fill a growing rental housing need, but High Park homeowners aren't buying what developers are selling Read more

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Karoly Lorentey

Toronto Wildlife Centre joins up with Team Capybara for successful trapping of the elusive dog-sized rodent Read more



Karoly Lorentey

The missing capybaras from High Park Zoo are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to animals running wild in the city Read more

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Liz Herlich

"The sound was so lovely – a ruffle of wings and then a collective inhale when it rose." Read more

Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog