Hillary Clinton

Jack Bryan's doc examines connections between Donald Trump and Russia Read more


It’s reassuring to think that U.S. voters were somehow duped into electing a madman because the alternative explanation — that Americans support what Trump says and does — is just too frightening Read more

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Cheol Joon Baek

The U.S. presidential election isn’t really over until the Electoral College votes December 19 Read more

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Can calling me a crazy kike now be considered within the bounds of social norms? Wouldn’t that be the patriotic thing to do? Read more

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As a dual citizen, I truly hope not. But half of America – women, African-Americans, Latinos, the LGBT community – just heard there is no place for them in their own nation Read more

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US president-elect Donald Trump's victory is the personification of white male America’s tragically warped sense of entitlement Read more

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Ten of the best parties to watch America rise to the occasion – or fail fantastically Read more

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Julian Assange, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin all have one thing in common: they don't want Hillary Clinton to become president Read more

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