Killing Patient Zero Gaetan Dugas

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In Killing Patient Zero, director Laurie Lynd profiles the Canadian flight attendant who was wrongly blamed for spreading the AIDS virus in North America Read more

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The Healing House hopes to #SmashTheStigma by offering massages and other spa treatments from people with HIV Read more



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The success of the LGBTQ poster campaign Hall of Justice, running in Toronto schools and exhibiting during Pride, suggests support for progressive sex-ed Read more


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After years of inaction, governments finally seem open to changes in prosecuting cases of HIV non-disclosure, but it’s not happening fast enough for those who end up behind bars Read more


Casey House launched a pop-up eatery where all chefs were people living with HIV Read more




Critics say that recent conviction of Indigenous woman is further proof that the use of sexual assault laws in cases of HIV non-disclosure continue to criminalize marginalized people and women of colour Read more

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Drama about a couple affected by an HIV-positive man is a good introduction to thorny medical, legal and cultural issues Read more

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Coalition emerges from meeting with senior federal justice officials last week feeling hopeful, but provinces remain reluctant to commit to moratorium on new charges involving non-disclosure of HIV status Read more

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Snub follows protest at police board meeting over cops' handling of altercation caught on video that critics say is another example of “how badly the police are interacting with queer, street-involved and racialized communities.” Read more


Last Tuesday's tasering of a man allegedly involved in a spitting incident is the latest in a long line in which police across Canada have used HIV to justify excessive force Read more

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Ontario Working Group on Criminal Law and HIV Exposure calls for an immediate moratorium on all prosecutions in cases of HIV non-disclosure Read more

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Someone I had unprotected oral sex with was HIV-positive. In the eyes of the court, he should bear the full weight under the Canadian judicial system for failing to disclose his status to me. Read more

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Front-line workers and legal experts say they've received calls from HIV-positive women who've been raped but are afraid to report for fear of being charged Read more

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"We see so many adverts for cancer awareness on TV – celebrities fundraising, people talking about it. You rarely see people talking about their HIV. It's still dealt with in silence." Read more

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A quarter of new HIV cases in Toronto are female, the majority are Black women and most are having hetero sex – just like me Read more

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Glen Callender is crusading against U2's Bono, who supports male circumcision to prevent HIV Read more

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