Holiday Movie Preview 2019

From Oscar bait and actioners to family fare and Werner Herzog, here's the scoop on all the season's hot new releases Read more

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Web version of Cats photo

Photographed at the Princess of Wales Theatre by Samuel Engelking

From what gets cut to how much CGI will be used, the performers in the touring musical – in Toronto until January 5 – are hoping for film purr-fection Read more

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Karim Aïnouz's melodrama set in 1950s Rio de Janeiro sensationalizes womanhood Read more


Werner Herzog’s film about his friend 30 years after his death is as much about Herzog as his subject Read more


The animated film featuring Will Smith’s spy trapped in a pigeon’s body is buoyant, zippy and pleasant to look at Read more


Writer/director Greta Gerwig deserves more awards recognition for her sharp, unsentimental version of Louise May Alcott's classic Read more


The Song Of Names

Sabrina Lantos

François Girard’s historical drama is an empty box of a movie Read more


63 Up Lynn age 14

Shiver Productions

Michael Apted’s epic film capturing the lives of 14 Brits over half a century gives us a kaleidoscopic view of humanity Read more

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Safdie Brothers Adam Sandler

Julieta Cervantes

The sibling filmmakers talk capitalism, Judaism, working with the Weeknd and making Furby relevant again Read more

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Uncut Gems

Courtesy of A24

Adam Sandler gives a high-intensity performance as a jeweller spiralling out of control in the Safdie brothers' latest nerve-racking film Read more


J.J. Abrams's film isn't as daring or artful as The Last Jedi, but it knits the patchwork mythology of the decades-spanning space opera into a coherent whole Read more


Terrence Malick’s strongest film since The Tree Of Life speaks to our current political moment Read more



Hilary B. Gayle

Jay Roach's dramatization of the Fox News sexual harassment scandal sets up interesting moral dilemmas, but slips into a mawkish empowerment narrative Read more