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See the north... from the comfort of your own home. more

Dec 9, 2016 2:44 PM Movies

True story of a man searching for his childhood Indian village is manipulative and unbalanced but still affecting more

Dec 7, 2016 12:30 PM Reviews



Among them are a fascinating Jessica Chastain and tons of local actors more

Dec 7, 2016 11:04 AM Reviews

Sudbury-shot horror movie is no conventional genre film more

Nov 30, 2016 1:25 PM Reviews

Sequel to crude holiday comedy feels forced, but it sure ain’t your typical seasonal schmaltz more

Nov 22, 2016 5:09 PM Reviews


Photo credit: Daniel Smith Daniel Smith

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard are fine, but they can’t generate much heat against green-screen backdrops more

Nov 22, 2016 4:57 PM Reviews

Verbatim stage musical about the community surrounding a serial killer translates powerfully to the big screen more

Nov 16, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews 1 Comments


Murray Close

But Hailee Steinfeld is terrific as a hyper-articulate suburban junior whose life is falling apart more

Nov 16, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews 1 Comments

One of the year’s most important docs shows testosterone-charged small-town SWAT teams and security experts who take Minority Report seriously more

Nov 9, 2016 4:55 PM Reviews

Gorgeously animated feels like a kid-friendly narrative about popping ecstasy more

Nov 2, 2016 11:00 PM Reviews

Well-made war story Hacksaw Ridge underplays its faith-based aspects more

Nov 2, 2016 5:30 PM Interviews and features

Doc about Iggy Pop and the Stooges’ influential act is overstuffed but entertaining more

Nov 2, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews



What starts out like a formula teacher-motivates-tough-students pic soars to surprising heights more

Oct 26, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews

With a little more length, charming doc could have been a total winner more

Oct 19, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews

Fascinating but flawed Michael Shannon/Rachel Weisz pic looks at the idea of reinvention more

Oct 13, 2016 1:28 PM Reviews

Doc's use of animation to depict mass shooting isn't quite successful more

Oct 12, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews

Pic about rootless and emotionally battered characters is sweet and soulful more

Oct 12, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews

The acting and Toronto cityscapes are great, but there's little suggestion of character's inner life more

Oct 12, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews

Tatiana Maslany and Dane DeHaan are terrific, but Kim Nguyen's magic-realist film wanders more

Oct 5, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews

Director/co-writer/actor Nate Parker's historical drama suffers in comparison to 12 Years A Slave more

Oct 5, 2016 5:30 PM Reviews

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