homophobia in school

Dave Deveau's solo play inspired by the real-life murder of a 15-year-old gay youth is scattered, unfocused and repetitive Read more



Dahlia Katz

A dinner party that aims to heal wounds only exacerbates two families’ pain Read more

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Groups opposed to the province's new health curriculum continue to fuel a conspiratorial anti-gay conversation that has been brewing ever since our first female and lesbian premier took power Read more

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Zach Ruiter

VIDEO: Children's author Catherine Hernandez tells of the recent "homophobic backlash" over her queer-friendly book M Is For Mustache at two Toronto schools Read more

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Dahlia Katz

Rob Salerno's solo show looks at the complex attitudes toward school bullying and homophobia Read more



John Packman

Outside deals with homophobia in schools, right in the schools Read more