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The federal government appears to be backpedaling on its commitment to create an office of an independent ombudsperson that would be able to investigate allegations of abuse at Canadian mine sites abroad. Read more


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Flickr: Retis

The Google affiliate's Quayside smart city initiative will not only compromise our right to privacy – it's a direct threat to activists and political movements that challenge the status quo, says Amnesty International Read more

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Mining Injustice Solidarity Network

It may not be the wild west of years past, but as the SNC-Lavalin affair continues to suggest the relationship between government and entities it should be regulating remains uncomfortably collegial Read more


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Daniella Barreto/Amnesty International

Annual Write for Rights event spotlights the efforts of women under attack for their human rights work in South America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa Read more


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Samuel Engelking

"It wasn’t the first time my gender identity had been questioned, but I never expected such blatant prejudice and dismissal from a doctor." Read more


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Samuel Engelking

Seventh annual event to screen documentaries on transgender people in the U.S. military, three violent years in Baltimore and the aftermath of a hate crime Read more

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Director Leon Lee fumbles telling this important of human rights abuses in China Read more



Jonathan Goldsbie

Debates, workshops, community meetings and more Read more


... well, maybe not, but with a documentary on "the Egyptian Jon Stewart", this year's lineup isn't as grim as usual Read more

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Women March On Washington - Toronto – where over 50,000 marched to support gender equality and human rights – was a major breakthrough Read more

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The opening night film, Don’t Tell Anyone is a profile of Angy Rivera, a Colombian-born New Yorker who outed herself as undocumented to become an activist for immigrant rights. Read more

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Declan Keogh

Members of Toronto's LGBTQ community crash police "Take Back The Park" event following sex sweep that's prompted comparisons to 80s bathhouse raids Read more

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Aaron Broverman

Haily Butler-Henderson says the person working at Pentagram Bar and Grill was worried she could fall en route to the toilet and the business could be liable Read more

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Conservative Christians from the U.S. – and to a lesser extent Canada – have sent missionaries abroad to aid in what they see as an international crusade against "immorality" Read more

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Homegrown companies are among the worst human rights offenders on the planet Read more

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Meron Getnet defends Tizita Hagere against an unjust legal system. Read more


As someone who gets paid to pretend to enjoy having sex on television, you can imagine how confusing Dunham's position on prostitution is to those of us who actually do sex work for a living Read more

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A close look suggests CAMH is not just passively responding to parents' concerns, but engages in therapies that cast gender-diverse children as a worry in the first place Read more

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Author of Stone Butch Blues shed light on butch experience but also made connections between all struggles for social justice Read more



Bernie Farber

HarperCons refuse entry to Hungary hate crimes investigator and family living in Toronto church sanctuary for the last 29 months Read more


  • Meeting de Paris, Stade Charlety - 30 juin 2018

    Stade Charlety

    Meeting de Paris, Stade Charlety - 30 juin 2018

    Caster Semenya