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Steven Zhou

“We want to take on the foundation upon which the ideology of ISIS rests,” says Imam Azhar Hanif, National Vice-President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA Read more

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Paul Salvatori

Local coalition responsible for well-publicized Islamophobic demonstrations across the GTA is playing right into the hands of radical Muslims abroad Read more

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Canadian Forces Combat Camera/DND

The Trudeau government will end air strikes against ISIS February 22. But 25 years after the Gulf War, Canada's involvement in Iraq has contributed to a staggering loss of life. Read more




Are more airstrikes on ISIS really the answer to Friday's bloodshed in Paris? What the world's editorial writers are saying about where we go from here in the fight against global terrorism Read more

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Michael Hudson

Fabled Mideast correspondent Robert Fisk tells Toronto audience he has “a pretty shrewd idea” – and it points to the Saudis Read more

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Canadian forces combat camera

The list of those allied with Canada includes Hezbollah, Shiite militias and Iranian military advisers – all evil-doers in the PM’s books Read more

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It's important to put names and faces to the victims of Canadian militarism - will things change with NDP rule? Read more



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A primer on the federal government's motion to expand Canada's military offensive, aka Operation IMPACT, against ISIS. Read more



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Disappointingly, not even questions about the death of a Canadian soldier by friendly fire has managed to generate detailed public interest in what is the most complex conflict in our history Read more

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If you could build your own underground oasis – which police say you can – where would you build it? Read more

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For many of the same reasons young men do. Read more

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