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Honestly, I suspect the only reason Marvel allowed this thing to be made was to defuse the argument that its movies are all starting to feel the same Read more

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Second season of Netflix animated comedy about hapless suburban teens is rooted in the very real pain and trauma of adolescence Read more


The trailer for Tom Hardy's villainous Spidey spinoff is the subject of our latest Superhero Nonsense column Read more

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Jack Black is solid as the real-life hustler reaching for the American Dream, but the film dances around the disturbing truth Read more


The stand-up and actor riffs on the sad state of the U.S., her early sexual fantasies, giving up weed and the fact that she's fine, she's really fine Read more



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The Landline star on sexist celebrity culture and why the world felt like a nicer place in the 90s Read more

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Family dramedy features some terrific performances, but if you’ve seen a Woody Allen or Nicole Holofcener film you probably know where it’s going Read more