Jesse Locke


Colin Medley

Telephone Explosion Records is offering up its Studio Z space – bring your own engineer Read more


The superhuman stickman of Toronto’s beloved prog-rock trio Rush was an omnipresent influence in Canadian rock music Read more

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All 10 of our critics’ picks this year came from solo artists. From experimental R&B to heartbreaking indie rock, all were singular visions and complete statements. Read more

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Matt Barnes

On his sophomore album, Whitby singer/songwriter Tom Meikle makes drifting folk with the heart of metal Read more

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Rannie Turingan

The Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet legend splits his time between playing music and trading stories from the chair at Town Barber Read more


Faced with paltry royalties and environmental concerns, musicians are speaking up against big streaming – a few even pulling their music from the services Read more

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Yuula Benivolski

The local experimental electronic musician is teaming with the Armigideon Time singer for the Music Gallery's X Avant festival – and a collaboration that will stretch into the future Read more


Connor Willumsen's Bradley Of Him goes on a hallucinatory journey with an Oscar-obsessed actor determined to train for a Lance Armstrong biopic Read more


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Katie Sadie

With its new conference program, the Toronto festival has planned panels and workshops on DIY demo-making, songwriting, wellness and demystifying the business of music Read more


BUMP TV telethon

Samuel Engelking

Artist-run BUMP TV broadcasts 24/7 and operates out of a basement with a 100-per-cent volunteer staff Read more

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DC Berman

Brilliantly sardonic, darkly funny and endlessly quotable – he was the indie rock poet of the people Read more


After a decade of musical retirement, one of indie rock's most brilliantly sardonic voices has risen like a phoenix from the ashtray Read more

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Shireen Stroke

Plus a new #NOWPlaying playlist featuring Laura Barrett, Tomb Mold, dvsn and more Read more


DOOMSQUAD by Maya Fuhr_web.jpg

Maya Fuhr

The experimental pop trio have seen the city's DIY creative communities handcuffed by political interests and capitalist real estate agendas, but they're not giving up Read more


Album review: On the 20-song double LP, Bill Callahan reinvents himself as a domesticated indie rock elder statesman Read more

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Longmont Potion Castle

Courtesy of Thomas D. Rotenberg

The elusive underground comedy star speaks on camera for the first time in a documentary screening at Toronto's Royal Cinema on May 10 Read more

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Jeremy M. Lange

An interview with John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats on the new album In League With Dragons, which was produced by Owen Pallett and is packed with Toronto musicians. Read more



Vanessa Heins

Album review: Greys' Age Hasn't Spoiled You: like fine wine, Bill Hader or Gillian Anderson, the Toronto band are only getting better with age. Read more

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Album review: Protruders, Poison Future. The punk band, formed from the ashes of Sackville's beloved Kappa Chow, offer an artistic antidote to modern malaise. Read more

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The musician, producer and author talks about working with The Pursuit of Happiness, how music has taken a backseat to branding and why he's a "parable of self-reliance" Read more