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If Mayor Tory is willing to “consider anything” to stem overdose emergency he must call for an end to marijuana dispensary raids because the science-based evidence is in: cannabis can save lives Read more

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Jodie's Joint

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Jodie Emery plans to turn Jodie's Joint in Kensington Market into a hub for her activism, but not everyone in the neighbourhood is high on the idea. Read more


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Their future in the marijuana movement would seem hazier after high-profile convictions, but don’t bet on Jodie and Marc Emery fading away Read more


Jodie Emery calls social media storm a "witch hunt," but for those in cannabis circles fighting for a more socially conscious and equitable industry, Prince of Pot's recent Facebook blast is another blow to a movement fighting for legitimacy Read more

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The devil is in the details of the new Cannabis Act Read more


Libs' marijuana legalization tour touches down in the Big Smoke and things quickly get wacky. Message to Justin: dude, the hypocrisy is becoming a little too hard to take. Read more

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Really, the criminalization of sugar would have a better chance of being justified in court than marijuana Read more

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