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Giordano Ciampini

The Prima Donna from Tranna and the Hot Lava from Ljubljana debated capitalism, Marxism and happiness, but not much ground was gained on either side Read more

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On their new album Electric Messiah, High On Fire feel like a heavy metal band in the purest sense without stooping to the self-conscious “old metal” revivalism of some of their contemporaries. Read more

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Stoner metal band Sleep's Toronto concert at the Danforth Music Hall was proof of the intoxicating power of the riff, and more evidence that, dude, you gotta see 'em. Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Unauthorized retrospective of the British street artist's gallery work is a reminder that desperate “punking” of capitalism is still capitalism. And nothing but Read more

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For the sitcom star, laughing at others is an inverted form of dignity, an offer of mutual recognition from a comedian more than willing to laugh at herself Read more


Upcoming performances by John Carpenter, Goblin, S U R V I V E and more reveal the strange solace of horror scores Read more


The British duo are embarking on their first-ever North American tour Read more

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When it came to live music, it was a year of bucket-list shows, arena spectacles and unexpected farewells Read more

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A small room, fans losing their minds, and a greatest hits setlist with Budgie and Thin Lizzy covers added up to a perfect night Read more

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Read an excerpt from John Semley's debut book, This is a Book about the Kids in The Hall, launching October 11 Read more


Center Of The Maze Read more

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Nic Pouliot

Was the Savage Imperial Death March's Toronto tour stop the show of the year? Read more

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Dystopia Read more

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Kannon Read more

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Space Sessions: Songs From A Tin Can Read more

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Curious Volume Read more

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Year Of The Hare Read more

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Virginia doom band gets (relatively) concise on new album Read more


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Arden Wray

Pop culture critic John Semley makes a persuasive case for disagreement in his new book, but we don't agree with everything he says Read more