Jonathan Rothman

Bruno Capinan’s new album and Progress Festival performance are a fearless revolt against Bolsonaro’s dangerous politics Read more



Leila Penteado

During a fraught time in the country's history, trans soul singer Liniker Barros and her band the Caramelows are empowering a generation of queer Brazilians. Read more


Esu Crossing The Middle Passage

John Gundy

"From the audience’s perspective, they say, 'This kind of theatre moves me to look at my own life, at my own experiences and at what I want to do differently as a human being,'" artistic director says after launching GoFundMe campaign. Read more

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This summer, skip the messy Rio Olympics and get your dose of Brazilian cool at home. Read more

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Winners Never Quit Read more

Album reviews

Requiem for a community arts hub, which housed Clay and Paper Theatre, Maracatu Mar Aberto, Eva's Phoenix and Samba Elégua in one of downtown’s vanishing warehouses Read more

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There are tons of shows to check out this week, but don't miss the rich comedy, film and networking opportunities too Read more


The wonderfully weird, now defunct CBC radio show is being resurrected for one night at Winter Garden Theatre. Ahead of the event, the delightful host tells us about moving to New York, WireTap's success and what to expect on his new podcast Read more


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How bad is rogers@home? Check out the e-mails between one user and the help desk Read more


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New product a hit with cleanup crews across the country Read more