Jordan Peterson

Whether you're a supporter of the self-described free-speech crusader or not, we need to do better in how we disagree Read more

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In Letters To The Editor this week readers write on Canada's far-right, Jordan Peterson versus Slavoj Žižek and Jason Kenney's many contradictions Read more

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Slavoj Žižek Jordan Peterson

Giordano Ciampini

The Prima Donna from Tranna and the Hot Lava from Ljubljana debated capitalism, Marxism and happiness, but not much ground was gained on either side Read more

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Mystery thrillers, Trump gossip, the Giller Prize winner, driving and decluttering guides and a certain patriarchy-loving local prof were widely read this year Read more




U of T’s PUNDIT takes jabs at Jordan Peterson and the rise of alt-right groups on campus Read more

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Peterson flaunts his academic credentials to present himself as an expert on law, gender and human rights, but his speculations on the subject are not based on evidence – is he simply misinformed or being malicious? Read more

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Arguments for unfettered free speech are far too easy when they disregard how academia functions as a complex institution and community Read more

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In the Lindsay Shepherd free speech controversy, it's the voices of trans and non-binary students that have been largely left out of the media conversation Read more

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University of Toronto professor's proposed website targeting “post-modern neo-Marxist" opponents takes his war of words against academic detractors to an entirely different level Read more

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Samuel Engelking

"Even when they aren't that large, far-right groups can endanger people in communities where they operate." Read more

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"The alt right is really a big tent term – not all people who are involved are white, which makes it easier to defend when people involved in their activities are accused of encouraging white supremacy." Read more

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We’ve heard a great deal lately from U of T professor Jordan Peterson that non-binary gender pronouns are kooky, but in what kind of society does the sentiment “You can’t make me” constitute a compelling argument? Read more

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Paul Salvatori

Sixty-five-storey monument to Republican nominee’s masculinity becomes lightning rod for rage against rape culture Read more

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  • Slavoj Žižek Jordan Peterson

    Giordano Ciampini

    Slavoj Žižek Jordan Peterson

    Slavoj Žižek (left) and Jordan Peterson didn't refine the capitalism vs Marxism debate in any meaningful way.