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Annual confab May 24 and 25 featuring Ruth Goba, executive director of the Black Legal Action Centre, heads up this week's trio of can't-miss political events Read more


Tasha Hubbard  nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

National Film Board of Canada

In nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up, Cree filmmaker Tasha Hubbard looks at the aftermath of the Colten Boushie verdict and the fight for justice reform Read more

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The prison system in Canada is a large scale travesty of justice, a modern-day asylum and residential school where you go in wanting to kill yourself, and the conditions just make you want to kill yourself more Read more

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Looked at from a human rights framework, Canada is culpable for 15-year-old Indigenous girl's death – this may upset criminal law experts, mainstream political commentators and online haters, but sadly it is a fact Read more

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John Bonnar

Remembrance of love, courage and grief for missing and murdered Indigenous women confronts an unresponsive justice system Read more


My settler family from Saskatchewan lived by a beautiful ethic: honour and care for the stranger – so what drove farmer Gerald Stanley to attack Indigenous youth seeking his help? Read more

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Why an all-white jury's acquittal of Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley on second-degree murder charges in the shooting death of young Indigenous man amounts to a continuation of cultural genocide Read more

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In the two decades since Canada passed amendments to the Criminal Code instructing judges to make use of alternative rehab for Aboriginal offenders, the proportion ending up behind bars has more than doubled Read more

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Judge's brutal behaviour at the appeal hearing of Mandi Gray's rapist is the latest evidence that, win or lose, it's the targets of sexual assault who end up paying the biggest price Read more

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The percentage of self-represented parties in family court continues to rise. Read more


Even in the absence of a criminal record, a single conviction for breaking and entering into a dwelling house will usually result in a jail sentence. Read more


Judge rules that Toronto cop's release meets public interest test after officer fails in his bid to have attempted murder conviction stayed in the shooting death of Sammy Yatim Read more

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I will never encourage anyone to report to the police, because of how emotionally, financially and psychologically taxing it can be Read more

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Ethan Eisenberg

LGBTQ icon in the same legal trap George Klippert, the last person arrested for homosexuality in Canada in 1965, found himself in Read more

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"We have the power. We have the rage." Read more

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Chances are, you can't afford a lawyer if a legal dispute arises: that's where the National Database of Professionals Assisting Self-Represented Litigants comes in Read more

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Jonathan Goldsbie

A judgment day timeline Read more

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Jonathan Goldsbie

The jury found Constable Forcillo not guilty of murdering Sammy Yatim but guilty of attempting to murder him. We explain. Read more

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