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Samuel Engelking

It’s the first summer Canadians can enjoy weed legally, and we've combed our brains for summertime-friendly ways to honour the plant with creativity and gusto Read more



Samuel Engelking

The College Street dive bar and dance spot is famed for its Jamaican-style sound system with sub bass that "reaches into your soul" Read more


As weed goes corporate, so might its relationship with musicians and artists. How Canadian pot regulations, marketing laws and criminalization of people of colour will affect music and cannabis. Read more



Samuel Engelking

There's lots new packaging guidelines for cannabis products won't tell you, including the fact licensed producers are allowed to use 21 Health Canada-approved pesticides on their crops to mitigate infestations Read more



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Pacific Mall owes no one an apology – no one thinks their counterfeit products are real Read more


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Now airing on Netflix, the latest season of the long-running Canadian show is little more than a vehicle for its ancillary businesses Read more

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It's still nice to see Toronto play itself on screen, but the second season of Matt Johnson and Jay McCarrol's series could use some self-awareness Read more

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Inspired by Barcelona's cannabis social clubs, licensed pop-up aims to grow Toronto's emerging craft cannabis scene while giving closet stoners a place to hang and get high with strangers Read more


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When I listened to Shabason's solo debut, Aytche, I realized two things: I don’t know what jazz is, nor have I ever asked him – my dear friend, who graduated from jazz school – anything about it Read more


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Thanks to Lucas Waldin and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, fans were treated to entirely new arrangements of some of the musician’s best pop songs Read more

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And, no, you can't just listen to it Read more


Beloved rockers pair up with Brantford cannabis company Newstrike Read more


Is it heaven? Is it a dream or did we travel to a psychedelic dimension? Read more




Say your final goodbyes to the Annex's iconic sign Read more

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Since Friday, when we shared the terrible news that our beloved senior theatre writer had died, we've been flooded with tributes, memories and love in honour of Jon Kaplan. Thank you, Toronto. Read more



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If she hadn't been rescued, the endless sea of closeups of the woman who climbed a crane early this morning could have caused immeasurable harm Read more

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Dooma Wendschuh plans to shake up the $1-billion booze industry with Province Brand's cannabis-powered drinks Read more

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Underground edibles market will feature approximately 30 craft vendors – and could lay the foundation for the future of legal distribution in Ontario Read more