Kristel Jax

Drifting through L.A. looking for love and meaning, she shifts her kitschy patriotism, dropping her flag-draped persona and making peace with a more complex, dystopian reality Read more

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Brigitte Bardon't a.k.a. Kristel Jax

Kate Young

The broken system has turned me from an artist into a DIY drone therapist – and that should worry you Read more


Lana Del Rey at the Air Canada Centre.

Samuel Engelking

Wiser and more focused on the search for personal strength, the singer has become the patron saint of low-energy wallflowers with rich interior lives Read more

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The Red Forest (Stranger Things3).jpg

Samuel Engelking

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein's performance of their Netflix score was the draw, but Wolfgang Voigt's GAS and the mysterious Polish band Ksiezyc stole the show Read more

Concert reviews

After crowdfunding her way back onto her European tour, the artist has some advice to fellow touring musicians Read more



Phoebe Sequino

A live-scored screening of Under The Skin raised tension before Jlin and Wayne McGregor's Autobiography Edits heralded the cyborg art age Read more

Concert reviews

Royal Mountain’s new mental health fund is rare – but it shouldn’t be. Here are the mental health resources available to Canadian musicians. Read more


Cutting-edge independent radio station goes on hiatus to reorganize Read more