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The L Word Generation Q

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NOW critics pick the best movies and TV shows coming to Crave, including Work In Progress, The L Word: Generation Q and Killing Patient Zero Read more

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Killing Patient Zero Gaetan Dugas

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In Killing Patient Zero, director Laurie Lynd profiles the Canadian flight attendant who was wrongly blamed for spreading the AIDS virus in North America Read more

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Killing Patient Zero, Hot Docs 2019

Ray Redford, 1972 © 2017 by Richard A. McKay

Laurie Lynd's film about the Air Canada flight attendant who was vilified and wrongly considered the epicentre of the AIDS epidemic is infuriating and heartfelt Read more


Knock Down The House, about the U.S. politician's campaign and the campaigns three other women, is among 15 titles announced for the spring film festival Read more

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Unfortunately, his features aren't as strong as his shorts Read more

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