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Does the controversy over a $13,000 space-age water pipe signal the takeover of stoner culture by big-money hipster trendsetters? more



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Licensed producers muse about opening their own storefront operations while tough new penalties on drug impaired driving raise legal questions for medpot patients more


Underground edibles market will feature approximately 30 craft vendors – and could lay the foundation for the future of legal distribution in Ontario more


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To be included in the new licensing regime announced at a press conference Wednesday are regulations opening up the recreational cannabis market to small producers, including outdoor farms more



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Huge cannabis retail chains like Canada’s National Access Cannabis and Native Roots Dispensary from Colorado have partnered with First Nations in Manitoba and Ontario, yet Métis groups were not granted licensing in their own territory more



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In a recent poll commissioned by the Ontario Cannabis Consumer Retail Alliance, Mainstreet Research found that a majority of voters in Ontario’s top 15 swing ridings consider cannabis a factor in their vote. more


Weeding out the dudes in suits: meet the new crop of players shaking up diversity in Canada’s cannabis industry more


After spending millions on enforcement, Ontario remains unable to stop the wave of social change – cannabis culture is blossoming in Toronto. And with elections in the offing, there’s still time to truly free the weed more