Marc Emery

Since completing his five-year jail sentence for selling seeds, the Prince of Pot has been travelling the globe, advocating for marijuana legalization. Here's how activists are doing outside of Canada. Read more

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As young activists we admired him, but many in the cannabis community had long heard whispers of the other stories about Marc Emery's predatory behaviour toward much younger women Read more


Jodie's Joint

Samuel Engelking

Jodie Emery plans to turn Jodie's Joint in Kensington Market into a hub for her activism, but not everyone in the neighbourhood is high on the idea. Read more


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R. Jeanette Martin

Their future in the marijuana movement would seem hazier after high-profile convictions, but don’t bet on Jodie and Marc Emery fading away Read more


Jodie Emery calls social media storm a "witch hunt," but for those in cannabis circles fighting for a more socially conscious and equitable industry, Prince of Pot's recent Facebook blast is another blow to a movement fighting for legitimacy Read more

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Paul Salvatori

Demonstrators flocked to Queen's Park this weekend for the Global Marijuana March to demand more from the Liberal government Read more



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The devil is in the details of the new Cannabis Act Read more


The day-long event was invented by activists working for Prince of Pot Marc Emery and has now become popular across North America Read more

Today, the government will announce its future path to legal marijuana in Canada and our country will soon be a different place. Unfortunately, we aren't sure yet what kind of a place it will be. Read more



She hasn't been afraid to cultivate her undeniable girl-next-door charm – or invite controversy – for the cause. Now, an escalating series of police raids that have shut down the Cannabis Culture chain of dispensaries she helped build may put her Read more

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Really, the criminalization of sugar would have a better chance of being justified in court than marijuana Read more

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"Our livelihood, our brand, our money, our inventories all gone!" says owner Marc Emery, after co-ordinated police operation shuts down storefront marijuana shops in Toronto and franchise's head office in Vancouver Read more

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R. Jeanette Martin

Five Toronto Cannabis Culture locations raided and five people face charges Read more

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Act of vandalism at longtime marijuana activist's Gay Village dispensary sparks questions about prejudice in the cannabis community Read more